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Church Stained Glass Restoration

If you want your church stained glass windows to stand the test of time, they will require periodic maintenance.  This could include installing new lead caming, waterproofing, broken glass repair, repairs to painted art work and addition of zinc coated steel bars for reinforcement.  Church stained glass windows can be removed and repaired then reinstalled.


 Some possible signs of age that are observed are deteriorated lead (brittle) and broken solder joints.  Dried out glazing putty has begun to fall out of the lead caming.  Loose reinforcement bars that have separated from the stained glass window.  A stained glass window has begun to buckle and appear wavy.  A stained glass window has many broken or missing pieces.  A stained glass window has painted faces that appear to be faded.

The process for restoring a stained glass window is as follows:

  • Contact us for an initial consultation

  • Recommendations and submittal of a bid

  • Remove windows and temporarily board openings

  • Make rubbings from the original window to create a pattern to reassemble window

  • Disassemble window and clean each piece of old putty glazing and contaminates

  • Restore any hand painted pieces of glass to their original luster

  • Reassemble stained glass window with new lead caming

  • Putty glaze window for strength and rigidity

  • Solder new zinc coated reinforcement bars or reuse original bars to stained glass window

  • Install completed restored stained glass window into original opening

If you would like a professional to look at your church stained glass windows for restoration, please call us or fill out the form on our contact us page.